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WELL Massage Oil 200mg

Grapeseed Oil is very high in antioxidants, rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, and great for anti-aging of the skin. The WELL Grape Seed Oil is expeller expressed (no solvents are used) and is non-GMO (Genetically Modified).

WELL Massage Oil
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WELL Salve 200mg

Why WELL Nourishing CBD Salve?

All Natural and plant-based, the WELL Nourishing Salve uses Candellila wax, which is derived from leaves of a small shrub native to North America, instead of beeswax. Couple that with a boost of 200mg CBD oil, and you have a powerful pain reliever.

WELL Nourishing CBD Salve is compact, easy to carry, and does not leave a sticky feeling. This is the perfect product for precise topical pain relief.

Why do we add Tea Tree Oil to our CBD Nourishing Salve

Sooths Eczema

Relieves Psoriasis

Helps fight inflamation

WELL Salve
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WELL Massage Cream 300mg

This luxurious body butter is full of skin moisturizing oils such as shea, avocado, and rice bran. As if that wasn't enough, we also included calming chamomile extract and vitamin E for even more skin conditioning benefits! This body butter leaves skin hydrated, without a greasy feel. And with a 300mg boost of CBD Oil, this Body Butter is both soothing, and an extreme pain reliever!

Why do we add Lemon Grass Essential Oil to our CBD Nourishing Salve?

Relieves Pain

Reduces Inflammation

Helps relieve menstrual cramps

Sooths Joint Pain

WELL Massage Cream
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